Jumbo Centre

When you expect only the best tissue products and best productivity for your money, insist on jumbo rolls from Jumbo Centre.

All of our jumbo rolls are manufactured in our own paper mill.

Our jumbo rolls are made from the finest quality virgin pulp. Our jumbo rolls can be converted into a complete range of household products. Jumbo Centre supplies high quality wadding to other convertors.

Since we use only the best virgin pulp, our wadding is designed to work well on your machinery and gives you products that are super strong and super absorbent. With our jumbo rolls, you can expect smooth running machinery which will increase your productivity.

Our raw material tissue wadding is manufactured in our own paper mill and can be used to manufacture many paper products, including toilet paper (1 and 2 ply) and paper towelling (from 16.5 gsm to 40 gsm).