Wide Range of Hand Towels

Whether you need to mop up a spill or clear up a runny nose, Snow Soft has a wide range of hand towels, serviettes and facial tissues to suit your needs. Insist on Snow Soft for everyday use.


We manufacture a wide range of serviettes for the away-from-home market, including fast-food restaurants and for use at home.

Our serviettes are plain white and are available as 1 or 2 ply variants.

We can also print in colour on white serviette paper in 1 or 2 ply, depending on your needs.

Our serviettes are made from high quality wood pulp which ensures that our serviettes are always super-absorbent.

Paper Towels

Pick-nik Marketing manufactures a wide range of paper hand towels for use in garages, restaurant kitchens and bathrooms. We manufacture rolls that fit almost all types of paper towel dispenser as well as folded hand towels.

Snow Soft paper towels are made of the highest quality pulp which makes our products strong and super absorbent. Our paper towels have a high wet strength, which means that they can absorb more water without breaking apart.

We supply the following types of paper towel:

• Garage rolls,

• Impi barrel rolls,

• Large and small centre feed rolls,

• Kitchen towels,

• Folded paper towels.

Facial Tissues

Our Snow Soft 2 ply facial tissues are ideal for everyday use. These tissues are strong, soft and absorbent and are gentle on the delicate skin around noses.

Snow Soft Facial Tissues boxes are available in packs of 100 and 200.

Our tissues are hygienic and disposable.

See our product range and specifications below: