Toilet Paper Wholesale

From stocking up your front desk through to ensuring every office colleague is equipped for the colder months or those suffering from allergies, our Facial Tissues are a smart option.

Each sheet has been manufactured form 2ply tissue and comes in a versatile white tone that slips in professionally with all environments. Provided in a sturdy, cardboard box with a perforated opening on the top, this economic choice features tissues that have been folded to allow a single sheet to be removed at once. Perfect for everything from wiping up spills through to tending for cold-ridden noses, these gentle tissues are an essential addition in all environments from nurseries through to care homes.

Facial Tissues Wholesale

Our Snow Soft Toilet Paper Wholesale 2 ply facial tissues are ideal for everyday use. These tissues are strong, soft and absorbent and are gentle on the delicate skin around noses.

Snow Soft Facial Tissues are available for wholesale in packs of 100 and 200 in either plastic packaging or boxes.
Our wholesale tissues are hygienic and disposable.

Facial Tissues
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