Leader In Manufacturing High Quality Toilet Tissue

Formed in 1999, Picknik Marketing cc has been a leader in manufacturing high quality toilet tissue from pulp to completion. We manufacture hygiene products that people come into contact with everyday, from toilet tissue to paper hand towels.

In September 2015, our jumbo rolls manufacturing divison was split from Picknik Marketing into Jumbo Centre Pty Ltd.

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process is divided into three product divisions, namely:

• Toilet Paper

• Paper Hand Towels

• Wadding-Jumbo Rolls

Our Virgin Paper Products

Our familiar products are used every day in homes, hotels and factories. We supply our wide range of high quality paper products to cleaning companies, chain stores and wholesalers both nationally and in Africa. We also supply convertors with wadding (jumbo rolls).

We specialise in manufacturing toilet tissue from 100% virgin pulp. While we do have a range of recycled paper products, our main focus is virgin paper products. All of our products are designed to fully meet your hygiene needs. We guarantee professional and speedy delivery at a very competitive price.